Medarbeiderkonferanse DNB

Radikal, misjonal og relevant var stikkordene for medarbeiderkonferansen. I den forbindelse hadde vi besøk av Neville Callam som er generalsekretær i Baptist World Alliance. Sammen med Truls Åkerlund ble han utfordret på mange spørsmål. Her er mine, og noe av responsen ligger som mp3.

1 What is the biggest mistakes that youth ministry in the west has done according to your understanding? How does this affect our mission?

2 What kind of relation is possible between youth and adults that is living in two different cultures? Could this stimulate mission?

3 Do you think that practical works(example: serving by the tables, social action) has been degraded compared with the so called spiritual works(example: bible reading, praying) in the more charismatic circles? Is this a result of the influence of the scientific worldview. Has this division any impact on how the church has been understanding its mission?


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