Vicarious religion

In my studies(Ammerman, N. 2007) I found the therm vicarious religion a very interesting approach if we look at the norwegian culture in general. Here is some of my 1st chapter content notes: 

First, believing whiteout belonging has become a fruitful way to understand religious life in Britain. Davie also adopt a shift from “obligation” to “consumption” as a practical motivation for religious activity. He also writes about belonging whitout believing in the Nordic countries.

Vicarious Religion: the notion of religion preformed by an active minority but on behalf of a much larger number, who(implicitly at least) not only understand, but, quite clearly, approve of what the minority is doing. Religion can operate vicariously in a wide variety of ways:
·      Churches and church leaders perform ritual on behalf of others
·      Church leaders and churchgoers believe on behalf of others. 
·      Church leaders and churchgoers embody moral codes on behalf of others.
·      Churches can offer space for the vicarious debate of unresolved issues in modern societies.
Things that I may think relate to vicarious:

-The case of the massive support of church buildings

-The case of valuing the cultural expressions of the the chruch as old hymns, traditional liturgy, whitout defining oneself as a christian.

-The expectation of churchgoers and its employee to have a higer moral standard than others

-The churchfocused debate around homosexuality – I think the sexually differing people has as much, and maybe more trouble whith excluding in the workplace, fotball team, and so on.
– People don´t want to get all rid of the church, but want them to believe when there is a funeral, and assistance the sermoni.
– Vicarious upbringing for children at the church whitout participating them selves in the religious life.
– Resistance about church change. Want church to be that who remains in a everchanging world.
– A shield to hide behind in meeting whith other religions in the more muliti religious society, for many that don´t want to reflect on lifes deeper questions.
– Vicarious in the sence that faith may be confessed in a situation of need, whidout adapting the content in lifestyle in general.
Some more suggestions, or any blind spots in my thinking?


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